About Saskia Bremer


After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 1991 I painted for more than 20 years, made colorful semi-abstract work, held exhibitions in galleries, provided companies with art and organized wall Paint-in’s for children.

In 2010 I moved to Switzerland and a new period started with frequent traveling to exotic countries, visits to museums and art fairs all over the world.
It became clear to me that other materials than just paint could inspire me to go into a new direction. In fact it were used goods, packaging materials, cleaning products and second hand clothing which turned out to be a new source of inspiration.

Based on an (art) panel with the simple shape of a head the first series “Playful Mask Panels” was born by playing with these surprising materials.
I’m sure that more series will arise spontaneously by collecting new materials and using these unique ingredients in combination with fantasy and above all with a joke.

My motto is: “Enjoy every day!” Hopefully I can please you too with this collection of Playful Art Panels, which could probably add color and fun to your interior! I have created the collection without reference to any specific meaning and I am happy to leave the interpretation of this colorful wall art up to you.

Saskia Bremer

Saskia Bremer in haar atelier

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